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Snatch -

Hips down, back arched better (need more flexibility), knees out in the start position.

You're lifting the bar straight up and even forward - the moment it leaves the ground, it needs to be moving back toward you. Engage the lats right from the start to push the bar in and improve your posture. Intentionally shift back more toward your heels immediately off the floor.

Fix that stuff and the rest will improve too.

Clean -

Exact same advice as snatch.

Jerk -

Take a moment to get set after the clean before you start your jerk. Unlock the knees and tighten the quads, then settle all the way back on your heels. Set that position, then start your dip smoothly and with your chest back. Drive up straight, push the bar back, and only reach forward w your hips and front heel, not w your chest and head.
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