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I only got like 4 hours of sleep b/c I had to drive Todd to the airport this morning, and I couldn't fall asleep again after I got home... so I did a half-assed workout with kettlebell swings and some TRX stuff. I didn't do any BJJ because honestly I am going to stop trying to put myself through that. I really need to figure out a way to get real rolling in. I keep meaning to talk to my coach but he is sometimes teaching or talking to people or traveling with people who are competing, etc. I think I may switch to the day classes, which I hear are more intense; there's 3 days of AM classes and 2 days of just drilling. And this is just for 2 weeks until I get a few months of intense training, thank GOD. And I'm gonna do another month at the powerlifting gym starting tomorrow.

Food was okay I guess...leftover chicken, 2 strawberries, and then I was supposed to write about this restaurant's new dinner menu so I ordered the most Paleo thing I could find, which was sausage and mustard greens (so far so good) and cheesy grits. Ugh. But I turned down the bread and free flourless chocolate torte, so I guess it's not too bad in the scheme of things.

I am just really struggling lately because I have SO much stress for a bunch of reasons right now and haven't figured out how to actually make my workouts be an outlet for that stress (in fact, going to classes where i can't roll causes MORE stress) and I really want to stop trying to use food to deal with things, so it's like I have no release valve. Plus I keep getting food assignments which are hard to do Paleo and that makes things more challenging. Oh and I probably didn't eat enough today.
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