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Steve's book is over 500 pages with 18 chapters covering everything from nutrition, lifestyle factors, programming, pre-hab/mobility, common bodyweight training injuries, as well as proper progressions for strength exercises. The most significant difference between the two books is that Steve's book explains how to perform each exercise correctly. For a movement like the front lever or planche this means Steve explains how to set up for the movement, proper scapula position for the movement, as well as proper muscular activation. He also goes into further detail to explain proper accessory movements to increase strength with each movement. OG also displays proper strength progression charts for every movement, as well as which exercises take higher priority in training.

Steves book explains every single detail in how to properly set up a strength training routine based on gymnastics exercises. Steve has always taken time to guide my training, and with receiving his book in December I am amazed at how far my training has progressed.

If you want to learn how to program and perform these exercises correctly, do yourself a favor and purchase this training guide.
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