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Little sleep and no workout yesterday b/c of work (and other things), but the good news is I have a new column up at Sherdog, which I'm super psyched about.

Today I did an open mat; hard to get people to roll with but I found maybe like 6 or 7 guys and probably about that many were too busy talking or taking a break or something. My gym is so damn frustrating sometimes. Can't wait 'til the 14th!

My diet has been pretty good, except that it hasn't been good at all since I got assigned 3 bakeries to review. I did find a delicious Paleo cupcake at one of them! But I had baked goods at the others.

I'm pretty frustrated that my work means I have to eat food I don't want and stay up when I don't want, but that's how it is right now, and I'll just have to try to control what I can control, I guess.

I am also thinking of getting acupuncture for liver blood stagnation or whatever it is because I am literally frustrated by everything right now, so I think it might be me instead of these infuriating external circumstances. Or at least a combination.
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