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Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
Pretty much what Troy said...

3 parts of the book focus on:

1. How to construct a workout routine
2. Health and injury management
3. Exercise descriptions and sample programming
********** As an aside gymnastics and acrobatics have significant carryover to other sports. I personally saw the USSR Men's volleyball team play against Team USA
in the Old LA Laker forum in Inglewood in the 80's. This is when the US Men's team had the likes of Karch Kiraly and Steve Timmons. The Soviets in their warm up were walking on their hands and doing back flips and forward flips combined with a skill, such as a dig.
One guy, the setter, was rotating one arm,windmill fashion, one direction while the other arm was rotating the other way. Bud Charniga has stated at his site, Sportivny that it is"relatively easy to teach a gymnast the Olympic lifts".
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