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Sunday 6/3/11

I kind of got out of the habit of posting my workouts, not that I have been working out all that much. I do a lot of walking mostly. I did manage to walk 10.6 miles in 3 hours at the Big Sur Marathon (BSIM) at the end of April. I haven't gotten back under the bar yet for various reasons but I hope to start this week.

I met with a new endo before the BSIM and we adjusted my meds I am now on the following

HC: 15-5-5
FC: .1-.05

In two weeks I will be climbing my first peak in the Sierra since having my surgery. I have a couple of climbing buddies that are going to take it easy on me so it should be fine. In the meantime I need to get in shape. Today I went to hike a nearby peak in the Santa Monica Mountains

Calabasas Peak
4 miles round trip
1000 feet elevation gain loss
carrying a 30 lbs. pack

2 hours

Okay it shouldn't have taken me so long even carrying the pack. Normally I do this hike in about 1 hour 15 minutes. I brought my wife along. She's not in the best of shape but we are making some improvements. Hiking with pack however did allow me train for my trip so it's a nice compromise. Afterwords I did a cold water soak to help reduce inflammation and increase recovery.
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