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Sunday: no workout (unless weeding counts, hah), but I have a plan! I am going to do this Gold Medal Bodies basic plan and am getting rings and everything. I think that makes more sense than rejoining the powerlifting gym and trying to lift heavy during the month were I will actually get to do hardcore BJJ.

Food was okay, I had eggs benedict and I had coq a vin and I had chocolate. I did get a ton of really delicious Paleo groceries and spent more than I wanted to. But it's okay. I tried to go to a normal people grocery store, but it was so depressing, so I went to TJ's. I think I just need to accept that I will always spent tons of money on food. But trying to figure out how to get off the rollercoaster where I have to do food blogging for quick cash to pay for groceries, which means that I have to write reviews of bakeries and crap. LOL. Maybe I can write about food classes or something instead of waiting for assignments; I don't know. I'll figure it out. I don't think not spending tons on food is really an option for me. But I think farmer's market produce will be cheaper and less crappy than TJ's, so I'll try to test out that theory.
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