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Shane Skowron
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Hey Steven,
Thanks for helping. Hmm I'll try the LYTP method.
I'm fine with a guess for now because it's not stopping my training and it's not bad pain.

Here are the answers to your questions.

1. Google a pic and mark where it hurts. For the computer illiterate (use MS paint to mark it, and to upload). Tell me what tissue(s) it feels like it's hurting in, or if it's more superficial or deep in the joint?

Here is the image:

It's definitely not the muscle, and not the bone, feels like one of the ligaments or something below the delt.

2. What exercises hurt? Which shoulder articulations hurt? Make sure you check both with passive motion (you moving the leg without it moving itself) and resistive/active motion (you moving it, and you moving it against force). Also tell me when and what movements during these exercises are eliciting the pain?

Active motion only.
Overhead press only hurts at bottom of rep when I'm raising more than 20kg. Hurts when I pass the bar by my chin, but as I go above or below the chin area it does not hurt.
I cannot do any adduction and internal rotation movements either without pain.

Also I cannot do a shoulder dislocation without some pain there.

3. What type of pain is it? Burning? Ache? Tingling? Sharp?

Just a irritating sharp pain that lasts only in that range of motion.

4. What would you rate the pain at on a 0/10 scale? 0 being no pain, 10 being go to the emergency room.


5. Acute or chronic (chronic more than ~8+ weeks)? What date was onset? How has the pain improved since the initial injury?

Started hurting April 27. Initially it hurt when I moved it in any direction and it hurt when I slept at night. After about a week I could do almost everything without much pain, but the only thing that still bothers me is what is described in #2.
It's been a few weeks and still no improvement on that front.

6. Have you been training through pain? If so, how long?

No, I stopped doing anything that caused pain, but I am still doing shoulder exercises that do not cause pain.

7. What have you been doing for recovery purposes? Do these recovery methods help?

Icing and not doing exercises that cause pain. It's been a few weeks and I don't see improvement.

8. What seems to help? What seems to make it worse? Is it constant? Does it increase/decrease with certain activities?

Not doing painful movements helps.
Doing painful movements makes it worse.
Pain only happens in the middle of the rep, and then afterward there is a dull ache that happens when moving the shoulder; this lasts the next half day or so.

9. Check the tissue quality of the surrounding muscles. Which ones are tight? Which ones are tender? Is there any swelling?

No tightness or visible swelling.

10. How does it feel after exercise (if any)? How does it feel at the beginning of the day? How about the end of the day?

Sometimes hurts in the morning if I sleep on it the wrong way. Most times I won't feel anything unless I decided to do a load-bearing exercise.

11. Any previous injury history?

I had a small glenohumeral ligament tear in my left shoulder in early 2011 after falling.
The current injury is in right shoulder, which has no real injury history.

12. How's your posture?


13. What is your current workout routine for that bodypart? Do you play any sports?

I do Oly lifting. Heavy snatches, cleans, jerks 3x a week.
Weighted and unweighted pullups 1-3x per week.

14. Any other information I should be aware of or that comes to mind that may help?

The week before it started hurting, I was doing a lot of snatch grip Sotts presses. I don't normally do these, so I probably over did it.
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