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Tuesday 6/5/12

HC: 15-5-5 last dose at 6 p.m.
170 lbs. in the a.m.

Snatch 10-12 x1
55 10x
Snatch Pull 3x3
Front Squat 5x3

It feels good to have finally gotten under the bar. I struggled with the snatch so I stayed at 55. I felt stiff and slow. I finally remembered, after 3 reps to put on my lifting shoes. As I was finishing my front squats I was feeling insufficient. I may need to reconsider how spread my doses particularly if I am going to lift late at night. For example I should take 2.5 mg HC right before lifting. However I would have to reduce an earlier dose so this would take some planning. Since I don't lift every day maybe I'll just take an extra 2.5 before my workout and maintain my normal dosing schedule.
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