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5 June 2012 Tuesday PM

BJJ Fundamentals: Just a punch the card class. My left foot swelled up on me from where one of the big dudes from earlier in the day rolled on my foot. Owie.

6 June 2012 Wednesday AM

Foam Roll

20 Each of OH, Chest, and Scoop 12 LB Med Ball Throws X 6 Supersetted with
Green Band GM's X 12 X 3
Box Jumps 24" X 8 X 3
OH KB Lunge 16 KG X 6 each leg X 3
Explosive Push Ups on to 4" Box X 4 X 3
Crap I forgot the 5th exercise.

So a total of 360 throws and some good explosive auxiliary work.

DB 1 Arm Floor Press 50 X 6, 45 X 12, 35 X 25
DB Curlz 35 X 6, 25 X 12, 20 X 25

25 LB Oly Plate Punch Press X 20 X 3
45 LB BB X 12W, 12N, 10R
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