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Eggs and avocado and bacon for breakfast. Leftover chicken with some mixed greens and a nice dressing for lunch. Shrimp and a side of broccoli for dinner. I did have a hot chocolate this AM, though, and I'm totally going to make some of this Paleo apple crumble while I do 5 zillion dishes this PM.

Tomorrow we get to try our new grassfed beef, which is super exciting.

I did not go to intermediate today because I didn't feel like it. And actually part of it was that I was actually super hungry, and I think it might be because I got up earlier today and ate breakfast at 8 or so instead of at 10:30, and I'm trying to encourage my new keeping normal people hours habit.

Instead I did a super intro Jungle Gym workout at home, which was probably a bit too easy, but I threw in 25 wall balls at the end and some other stuff.

I am trying to figure out what is wrong with my hand. I thought I jammed my finger last November or so but I think I maybe broke it because it's still jammed. And it's amazing how one digit can screw up your whole entire arm and shoulder and stuff. So the TRX thing was also to see where my mobility is at a bit. We'll see what I do tomorrow. I mean we have weights, dumbbells up to 50 lbs in my basement but without a bench or anything they're kind of hard to use. Maybe I'll do some harder TRX stuff tomorrow and actually use the weights for body rows or something, I dunno. I could get another 4 weeks at the gym but it seems silly when I'll have tons of hard BJJ I can do starting in 2 weeks... I do have some jumping practice I want to do, too...
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