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I did a workout based on the intermediate Jungle Gym workout, except I didn't say awesome every three seconds, and some of those exercises didn't work for me. The bands are actually tricky to adjust, and we have the thing tied to a beam in the basement, not in a doorway or on a pole or anything, so I couldn't do everything. I actually didn't feel like I got much of a workout at all, so I threw in 25 kettlebell swings at the end. At least i know I got more of a workout than I would've during our fundamental class tonight. My hand feels a teeny bit better, too.

I have open mat on Saturday and next Thursday Gabriel Goulart is going to be teaching so I'll get to do the advanced classes, so I should quit whining, lol. Plus I get to go to a MovNat in two weeks which I'm super excited about. I sort of quit practicing the climbing thing, though.

Food was solid. Eggs and bacon again, then we finally dipped into our new grassfed beef supply with a nice steak along with some roasted broccoli. I skipped lunch because I was working on a bunch of stuff so I may eat something else; not sure if I'll have time though.
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