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Monday 04/04/12

Snatch 1 x 10 - 75kg, 77.5kg, 80kg, 82.5kg, 80kg, 77.5kg, 77.5kg, 60kg, 65kg, 70kg
Clean pull + hang clean from knee 2+1 x 5 - 80kg, 85kg, 90kg, 80kg, 85kg
Push press 5 x 3 - 70kg, 70kg, 75kg
Back squat - 118kg x 5 x 2, 118kg x 8
20kg fatgripz DB rows - L15/R15, L12/R15, L12/R14

Bad effort in general today. Training at work so had a number of interruptions. Keeping an eye in back squat technique. Bending forward to much. Need to keep chest up.

Tuesday 05/06/12

Circuit at work including tyre drags, burpees, tyre flip jump in jump out and some working from hight/casualty raising and lowering stuff. Good fun

Followed it up with:

3 bar gets ups L/R
10 T2B
3 times.

Used a 6 foot bar on the get ups so not to sure how heavy it was. Maybe 15 or 17.5kg with 5s on either side.

Thursday 24/05/12

Snatch pull + hang snatch (knee) 2+1 x 5 - 70kg, 72.5kg, 75kg, 75kg, 75kg
Clean and jerk 1 x 10 - 90kg, 95kg, 100kg, 102.5kg, 102.5kg, 100kg, 100kg, 95kg, 95kg, 95kg
Front squat 104kg x 3 x 3

12 x seated plate raise 10kg
12 x seated lateral raises 5kg
10 x seated clean and jerk 5kg
3 times
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