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Friday 6/8/12

HC: 15-5-2.5-2.5
170 lbs. in the a.m.

Ok I made up the following workout to take advantage of my sandbag and to create a short met-con. This might be a little hard to describe. In my back yard I have a pool. The patio for the pool is 9 inches higher than the other half of the patio. There is a fence around the pool so when I stand on one side of the fence I am 9 inches lower than when I stand on the other side of the fence. On the lower side the fence fence is 57 inches high which comes to the top of my chest. So the workout is to lift a sandbag and throw/drop it on the other side of the fence go through the gate and repeat for rounds (2 lifts).

47 lbs. Sandbag Fence Toss
5 minutes
15 rounds
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