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No workout yesterday and I didn't really eat much...a taco salad with some of our grassfed beef for breakfast/lunch, a paleo Perfect Foods Bar we found, some almonds, and then made eggs and bacon for dinner. I had a half a chocolate bar on Friday (other half on Thursday night), 73% dark. I was so busy working all day and then covering the fights in the PM. It's a lot of juggling writing for so many sites about one event. I was going to cook up some pork tenderloin but decided to marinate it overnight; that shit is too expensive to half-ass.

I also didn't get my carefully written advanced, Jungle Gym workout done, and I slept through BJJ because I was up so late working on my column and recaps and such.

The good news is that I'm leaning out a little bit more lately. I'm still ~6 or 7 lbs. higher than I like to hover around (I like to stay only 3 lbs. above my competition weight), but I'm surprised I'm losing weight/improving body comp at all since I've been so lazy with my workouts. I guess my food's been decent, despite the inadvertent intermittent fasting.

Hoping for a relaxing weekend...
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