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Bacon, eggs and avocado for breakfast/lunch. Some pork tenderloin--so delicious--along with spinach cooked with garlic for a very early dinner. Yesterday was Northern Spark, so I was literally out all night long. We went to see Snow White (and shared a medium popcorn, though I don't think I ate half), went to see raptors (Todd got a soda to share w/ me because it was midnight by then, but I can't drink soda anymore) and then after a series of art installations, he went to bed and I went to an all-night magazine writing and print-making event. Over the course of the event (and I was there til 5:30AM), I had a cold chai, a cookie and a brownie... but I'm sure the all-night bender was worse for me than the food. Good psychologically, though.

Today I'm back to strict compliance and doing my TRX workout.
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