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Default Training, Prilepin, and Goal-focused Cycles

Hi Greg-

Once again, I just want to thank you for creating this place and giving everyone here the opportunity to ask questions related to the world of weightlifting. It's because of your effort that you've got to be one of the best in the biz not only for weightlifting coaching, but also building a weightlifting community. For that, and I'm sure I'm not alone, I thank you.

So, on to my question.

First, in your book you say how the Prilepin table is more descriptive than prescriptive, so immediately I will take what is said here with a grain of salt. However, to what extent should the Prilepin table be included in a lifter's training?

Second, when following a goal-focused cycle, i.e. classic lift position and technique cycle (from your book), does Prilepin fit in at all? For example, just today I was doing week 4's saturday workout where both the snatch and clean and jerk are prescribed 80% x 1 x 3. With a curiosity to incorporate Prilepin, I did those three lifts, but I also made sure to incorporate 15 other lifts below the 80% for a total of 18 lifts. Also, I chose 18 from the optimal column because 805 was just at the top of the 70-79% range and I figured I could use the opportunity to continue technique training.

Third, and last, is my approach to Prilepin's table correct in the first place, or was I supposed to interpret it as 18 lifts to be counted only between the weight ranges of 70-79% and any warm-up reps below 70% should not have been counted--if that is the case, I should get back out there and finish the workout.

Thanks again Greg not only for your time, but also this community.

All the best,

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