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Sunday June 10th

Jesus Tittyfucking Christ. Just got back from the Spartan Sprint. One word: greuling. Time was 1 hour 45 minutes-ish, I'm not 100% sure because my time chip fell off. I was woefully unprepared for what was in store today. I was expecting a 5k over somewhat flat terrain, to find that the first 30 minutes were mostly up hill, and then 30 minutes of steep, muddy downhill. The obstacles were spaced far apart, you'd run for 30+ minutes before coming up to several obstacles in a row. They were easy for the most part, except for the long crawl under barbed wire. I was very dehydrated and ran the race pretty much fasted, which may have been a mistake. My choice of footwear was poor. Next year I need to remember:

- Better pre-race nutrition
- Trail running shoes
- Some kind of hydration system
- Knee protection

This was humbling, I pretty much got my ass handed to me. I want to do better next time, so I'm going to start couch to 5k on tuesday, and add more carbs to my diet. I'll probably sign up for a 5k in the next month or two as well.
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