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David Wood
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Jamila, wow! Turnover of 230 / minute is fast!

I do my 1 minute on / 1 minute off on the elliptical fairly often . . . for that, I also crank the elevation up to maximum (20) and resistance about 15, but at those settings, I can't keep the turnover above 160. Recovery is at about 120.

With 15 on / 45 off, I wouldn't try to change the elevation . . . it takes about 15 seconds to adjust from 10 to 20. I'll try it like yours. (Doubt I can keep that pace, though).

Reading this makes me think I understand the difference between High Intensity (Anaerobic) and High Intensity (Aerobic). Clearly, the 1 minute on / 1 minute off intervals I've been doing would qualify more as an example of the "aerobic" version . . . let me try 15/45 and I'll let you know.
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