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ooo boy, Greg I see what you mean.

Dave, you say you don't use programming for yourself because you don't believe in it. What do you do in regards to training and how do you progress? I ask because a friend of mine also follows an anti-programming training regimen, weighs about 20lbs less than me and out lifts me consistently.

Greg--going back to Sunday when I was making sure to hit the 18 lifts, i definitely added more volume then what would have been necessary in regards to the prescription. Specifically, in the snatch I hit my 80% x 1 x 3 by my 12th lift then reduced back to 75% and made another 6 lifts there as doubles. I'm glad I did because I feel I needed that volume to somehow engrain the movement patterns more thoroughly in my head, but I don't like straying from a program--i feel that if I don't follow the program to a "T" then I won't yield its desired response. To what extent was going beyond the call of duty the right choice, and to what extent was this (or would this be if I continued to do this consistently) a deviation from the goal of the prescription and cycle? I hope i conveyed this clearly.
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