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Originally Posted by Greg Everett View Post
You just need to modulate the volume and intensity.

This is the summary of all useful knowledge re: planning/programming. All successful training comes down to managing the relationship between intensity, volume (and recovery) so that you can perform the movement, heavier, faster longer... (strength, power, endurance)

Thing 1.

All training is learning. All movements are skills, the skill is takes to power clean 100 kilos is minutely different from the skill it takes to powerclean 105k. It may seem nearly the same but your body knows the difference. Yes there are a whole slew of physiological changes that happen in relation to strength/power/endurance training. These are not effects. These are side effects. The goal of training is to DO X better...

Move More Weight.
Run Faster
Go Longer.

If you keep your eyes on the goal, everything becomes much much easier.

You with me so far?
Practical Strength
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