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Now the main thing I think that I have working for me is that I've had at least two good coaches and I've done a lot of stupid shit. Do enough stupid shit with enthusiasm and you can't help but learn what works. But the key again is have a limited discreet goal.

Having more than one goal = harder.

Having three goals = failure.

It's not that you can't develop several qualities at once, it's that for the most part, you need to do them in a sequence. Training is like building a house. Grading, foundation, framing, sheathing, roof, windows door, interior...etc...

The foundation comes first. The foundation/ BASE is the thing that is most essential to your sport. The foundation is the often the hardest thing to develop, it's going to take the longest amount of time as well. So you start there. Ergo: if you are a thrower, you need to learn to throw first, you do not need to get strong as much as you need to get Good at throwing. You need to be strong enough to hit your positions, that's it. Then you can add strength.

SO...your plan should identify what is the biggest hurdle in front of you NOW. The plan is your strategy for overcoming those hurdles in sequence. By way of example, For Strongman, the biggest hurdle for most lightweights is Strength, .not event proficiency, not strength endurance. Strength Period. Event specific training plays a big role but much more important at the beginning I realized I was nowhere near strong I worked on that first. I'm still working it as my main focus. Strength exercises are real simple to understand; squatting, pressing pulling and carrying heavy ass weight. Those are the tools used to meet the goal.

For you it may be something different. So..what is the ONE BIG need to develop to meet your goal? identify that and you can begin to work on a plan.

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