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The biggest things you can work on are mobility and positioning in the pulls.

The first thing I notice on both is that your start positions are inconsistent. Try and find that good start position with the shoulders over the bar, and set the tension against the bar before you even begin to pull. this will prevent you from getting pulled forward and set you up for the rest of the lift. Some segment pulls and halting clean dead lifts will help to reinforce those positions (

The next thing that stands out is the lack of flexibility in the wrists and shoulders. This is causing your turnover and rack position to be less than ideal. I would work on stretching out the wrists against the bar in the rack position and muscle cleans to consistently finish that turnover and get those elbows around (

Improving that rack position will also be a good start to fixing your jerk. If the bar is not racked you will not be able to transfer your leg drive into the bar and lose some of that drive into your arms.
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