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Richard Bendekovic
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Thanks a ton, Steve. I knew the rack on those lifts was horrible as soon as I saw the video. Flexibility is a problem with me (at 46 no surprise there) and I have been spending a lot of time on it, but mainly with shoulders and hips. I will do the exercises you suggested, it is really tough for me to get into a good rack position. Thanks again for all the advice and one other thought if you have a minute. I have been at these lifts for a year now (albeit through CF) and since I am still such a mess I have considered just sticking to Greg's "Simplest Program in the World," at 3x5s and 5x5s never going above 155 until I can pull off all the reps with good form. I have done the "simplest," and I am finishing the Starter Program now but I am reluctant to move on to the site's program until I am a bit more fluid with the lifts. Thoughts?
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