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Default MVE (most valuable Exercise) for recovery

Here's the short question:

For rehabing a torn hip flexor/Gracilis attachment point, what is the most valuable exercise to focus on: Front squat, back squat, Pistol, Lunge?

Background info: I'm about 12-14 weeks out from this injury. It only bothers me when I'm in a loaded squat below parallel, or when I catch a snatch/Clean (this doesn't have to be deep, this can be a bit above parallel). I did stim & soft tissue work (excruciating, by the way) for the first 8 weeks or so with little help. Finally, I started a linear progression program with the front squat, starting at 45lbs and doing sets of 20's, and have worked up over the last month to 315lbs for sets of 5. I've been using the K-star voodoo bands during warm ups and workouts (and randomly in the morning and night) and this has helped. Before this, my best squat was 545lbs and my best Clean was 160k, so I figure I'm about 85% back on my Oly work, but further back on my pure strength. I don't have significant pain in the bottom, but I do feel discomfort in the bottom position in my hip/groin and feel as though there is a "dead" spot that isn't contributing to force production or stability. My plan is to keep up with the soft tissue/voodoo bands/stretching while doing another linear progression with one of the lifts noted above. I'm interested to see what people think is the best lift (or combination of lifts) to improve that position.

Also, I'm working with a slight tear in my rotator cuff (supraspinatus), so I'm not including OH squat or any pressing/jerking. I was doing snatch balance to help with the "sudden" firing of that area untill I hurt my shoulder. I think I can work snatch pulls and rowing a bit, but probably not a the weights I was using before for at least a month or two due to that.

Thanks for your thoughts/comments.
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