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First, I just want to thank both of you for talking with me on this. I think I'm off the ledge right now (its my off day so when i get back in the gym tomorrow I'll know for sure, but either way I'll be more prepared to deal with the frustration). By the way, does anyone else think the snatch is the weightlifting equivalent to the golf swing? No matter how strong you are, you wont make the lift unless you hit your marks.

Second, I'm going to continue with the cycle and cut back on the other things I'm doing. I was following juggernaut programming for back squat, dead lift, front squat and push press, then doing 5/3/1 for press and barbell rows. the volume is way to high. I think Dave is right and I recently heard someone say, when you have more than 3 priorities, you don't have any priorities. I'm gonna set one goal now: body weight snatch. That's 185 pounds and 20lbs higher than my personal best. If I could set a second it would be 300 lb high-bar squat. I'm going to stay focused on these.

Greg- is there a way to incorporate your squat volume cycle with what I'm currently doing or should I set it aside for now.

Thank you both very much. I'm going to try and stay positive and keep it simple.
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