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So I took a few days off the gym to do things I normally don't do because I am training. This mostly involved me wearing a name tag, not eating any of the food around, and talking to women who are older, have more established business, and are really out of shape. They are nice though. I went to some publishing networking event at some cafe on Monday and I went to a Professional Editors Network meeting, where someone was raving about how she made her cupcakes with soy milk and vegan margarine and I immediately threw it in the trash. Wheat is one thing but margarine and soy are another. And tomorrow I may even skip the first day of Goulart being here because I want to go to a magazine launch party, and because it's gonna be so crowded, but I will hit open mat on Friday and/or Saturday. And then next week I'm out of town for 3 days and then have my MovNat thing. Meh. He'll be here for 3 months anyway.

I did manage to get through BJJ today, though, it was the intermediate class and I actually got a good workout. Hard-ish warmup, and since I'm tired of our class being segregated, I immediately made a b-line to the guy I want to work with. He is badass and got a silver at World's, and when he coaches me he says one-sentence things that are actually helpful instead of giving long-winded explanations that aren't worth the time it takes me to understand them. Plus I like being held to high standards. Er, not to say the women don't hold us to high standards... But I don't want to work with the same 3 people each class. And one of those girls who's actually really good is always chewing gum and it's so gross to hear her chomping in my ears when we drill... and the one girl who's actually really damn good is super bossy... I don't know, maybe I'm sexist, I'd just rather work in with the guys. Though actually there were two girls I really liked to work with but they both left the gym.

Anyway, so I worked with him on this one takedown which was an armdrag where you sort of sit down and then transition to a single, and then we worked on two different butterfly guard passes, one of them you grab around their back like a guillotine defense and then smash the leg with your leg and post your other leg up, then grab their ankle, backstep off to the side, switch your ankle grab to a gi grab at their leg, push it over, and then control their leg with your knee before letting go. The other is like a weave through leg grab and you punch that leg out and go straight to side. I had trouble with that prob. bc the guy was so big but when he asked if he could get the gum-chomping girl over I said no... Let's not automatically defer to segregation, please... maybe my angle was just off... plus there's no guarantee that the next girl I compete with is going to be 30 lbs. lighter than me and 4" shorter anyway.

Anyway, after that, we did 5 minutes of butterfly guard passes and 5 minutes of butterfly guard defense, and I got paired with this one really young girl. She is annoying to work with but it wasn't too bad. I mean she's actually pretty good technically but she has the work ethic of the 15 year old she is, which is totally understandable. I just have issues right now. But it's nice to work my offense sometimes, and she did manage to pass my guard once in the 5 minute round, and it was a good workout. I actually like her okay, but I want to work with people who are really serious, I guess. Plus she keeps leaving the door open in the locker room when there's still people changing.

I read this article about how people get pissed off when they try to control their food or exercise willpower, and maybe that's what's going on? I honestly don't know what to do about my anger right now other than sequestering myself from people.

Anyway, other than that I got an Alexander technique session from someone for an article I'm doing. She was weird and freaked out when I told her I dislocated a kneecap once and assumed I no longer did any kind of training and wasn't sure how to proceed, which is so funny to me, people who touch people for a living and don't understand basic things... but she did tell me I had good hip movement, so I guess BJJ is good for something other than costing me $150+/month and pissing me off a lot.
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