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Originally Posted by Chad Lammert View Post
Goal: 185 lb (body weight snatch)

The one big thing getting in the way of reaching that goal: consistency in the lift

Plan: build a solid foundation around the technique and capacity of the lift by doing the following

1. Eliminate training distracting me from this goal, i.e. no more 5/3/1 and no more juggernaut method work. (if I feel the need to do more than what the program requires of me it will be abdominal work only)

2. Focus more mental energy on the technical aspects of the lifts. (in another thread I was talking about Tommy Kono and how not to hit your shins. When Greg confirmed and said wait before opening the hips, a light turned on. I've read in the book and heard in this forum a ton of times to wait to open the hips, yet it never really clicked until that thread. All of a sudden the idea of drifting back and extending your legs in the first pull made sense. I don't know why I had to hear it so many times to actually "hear" it. This made me think of the other aspects of the lift I haven't truly begun to understand. by focusing more mental energy on the different aspects of the lifts and bringing them to my workouts, I'll have small victories along the way. Even if I don't make the lift, I can still see progress by making more consistent 1st pulls, etc. I think that progress will help my confidence and keep me a little further from losing my cool in the gym.)

3. Finish out my current cycle. I'm half way through the classic/position cycle (week 5, day 2 is tomorrow). With 6 weeks to go, I think I might be able to salvage something. Not to mention if I went back to day 1 week 1 without first finishing the cycle, I might just go crazy! If the cycle is over before I feel technical consistency, I'm going to have to either repeat or find another cycle that focuses on the same goal but changes things up just a bit like new scenery.

4. Begin Strength and power development phase/transition/strength and power specification phase. By then it'll either be valentine's day or easter and if I haven't reached my goal by then I'll probably self implode.

5. I am going to try to see an olympic lifting coach at least once every other month and I will try to post videos here to share. In addition, I want to continue participating in this forum; I'm continually learning new things and appreciating new ideas--that's really helping me stay positive.

That's all I got. It's a plan and the ultimate goal has been trimmed down to just one: body weight snatch. It'll be a good day when it comes along. Now that you see the plan I've set up here, on the spot, if you have any suggestions I'm all for it.

Thanks again for everything guys,

That's a start. Now eliminate all the extra words and focus on what you're planning to do, not think about, not focus on..Do.

In short, Simplify the plan. The goal is a BW Snatch, the Weakness is technique, the plan is to make your old weakness your new strength. So you're going to do X....The doing is the key (best bet is to get some eyes on your lifts from a competent coach, this will likely shave about 1-6 months off the process.)

If the plan doesn't fit on a 3x5 card, it's probably not a plan, it's a prescription/program.

Programs can be fine things if you:

A) believe in it,
B) follow it to the best of your ability
C) cut yourself some slack when it doesn't work.
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