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Greg, sorry for the late follow-up.

i guess more specifically Kstar’s idea that the ideal setup is from the bottom up, rather than the top down.

my response would be it depends. for those with relatively little experience with the lifts, one of the biggest things is consistency with the start position. in order to develop consistency, it’s a good idea to keep things as simple as possible.

so despite the fact that i do like that Kstar prioritizes the back, you’re adding an extra step to the setup with the movement to tension your hamstrings by lifting your hips. with a top down approach, you minimize this extra movement by effectively tensioning your back/hamstring/hips all @ the same time, in one movement.

it seems similar to me to the argument for (and against) dynamic starts in your book.

once your start position is consistent, it's fine to explore more dynamic starts or other ways to gain more tension (or selective priority) in your start position.

if you watch Diane from a year ago, she's doing a nice, top-down, static start.

any corrections, additions, additional observations?
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