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13 June 2012 Wednesday Lunch

BJJ Advanced: Good stuff with two variants of double leg takedown, 3 submissions from KOB; baseball bat with gi, spinning arm bars, clockish kind of choke. I grappled one round with our MMA coach who is a solid 235 and we fought to a draw. First time ever he hasn't got at least one sub on me during a round. Pleased with that.

14 June 2012 Thursday

Hotel Workout. Bands, 8 LB Med Ball and Push Ups. All kinds of different stuff.

15 June 2012 Friday

PC + PJ from the deck! Up to 105 X 1 X 10 on the minute. The weight is light but it felt effortless. I am able to get into the best starting position I can recall right now and that is pleasing.

Press up to 110 X 5, 120 X 3, 130 X F, 125 X 2
FS up to 120 X 5, 170 X 5, 175 X 3
P/U 5 X 4

Lots of travel not the right amount of sleep and stress are a challenge right now. I seem to still be making good progress physically.

I weighed in this morning at 192.00. This is the strongest my upper body has ever been at this weight. I feel good about where I am headed with my lower body but I am not where I need to be. I think I have another 3-5 lb's of fat to lose and then I will decide what weight I want to walk around at.
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