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Default SN and CJ check

Hi Greg (and everyone else)

First, let me thank you Greg, for introducing me to o-lifting through yours and Robb's podcast. It's a sport I've taken quite a liking to!

I'm still only 2-3 months into it, so if anyone would give me some points to improve, I'd really appreciate it.



Both are playlists with both good and bad lifts.
I've been inches away from a 50kg snatch, and 58kg on the CJ is the highest I've gone. I know I'm rounding my back a little, and that's a flaw. Also, I get up on my toes on one of the cleans, but that was really only this once.
I have tendencies to jump forward on both lifts, but I'm trying to concentrate on not doing so.

Any critique is more than welcome! Thanks in advance.
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