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Maybe like an hour of open mat. I got about 4 7-minute rounds in; 2 rounds each with 2 guys. One's a good blue belt and he's figured out how to kill all of my hooks, so I need to step up my game. But I got mount a couple times, so it works. And the other was a purple belt from another gym who was really sneaky. Had fun, though. I did a ton of drilling on my own. I need to start doing that when people aren't rolling with me for whatever reason so at least I get a workout and some practice in.

I still need to hit the reset button on my life, though... I feel like it's so hard to eat anything in the summer and I just want to drink chai or eat fruit. This happened a lot in Tucson, too. Hard to get motivated to eat real food, though my boyfriend's been trying his best to make sure I eat, but it's not really his responsibility, either. I think I just need lots and lots and lots and lots of water, maybe even use fruit to flavor it, and start cooking things like cold soup, and find a way to eat food without beef even though we have a freezer full of beef, maybe defer to chicken or fish or shrimp now and again.

I'm not really sure where I got off track... I think it's from not being able to compete, which means that it doesn't matter how much I train or what I weigh, and just being burnt out in general in all aspects of my life which I feel I don't have as much control over as I would like. Things just aren't fun when I feel completely powerless, but I think I really just need to change the way I think about things. So I'm going on a little spa trip with my boyfriend's mom and sister though, so hopefully that will help me recharge a bit. And I'm hoping MovNat helps me think about physical activity as play again, instead of this thing I have to do to get rank so it'll suck less. Also, psyched that Gabriel's teaching for a few months. I got to meet him today and we didn't get to roll but he was nice. Maybe tomorrow morning.
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