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I was at the gym for a good 2, 2.5 hours. I think I got 8 or 9 rolls in, but we were doing 6 or 7 minute rounds. I'm working on a new butterfly pass we learned, and also just focusing a lot on grips and hooks, and working on my own butterfly guard...and basic things from bad positions, like frames (especially framing on the head)

It was absolutely packed, with Gabriel in town, so I rolled with higher belts so I wouldn't have to move every 3 seconds (we move based on rank). So I totally want to roll with him but I know some black belts get weird when you ask them, so I just would stand near him and make eye contact but it didn't work. LOL. Good thing he's here for 2,3 months.

My coach said he would roll with me, which is cool, I was waiting for him to approach me for 6.5 months now. But he has noticed people not rolling with me and always tries to partner me with someone. It's cool, but it's also kind of sad, like when I ask someone I think the world of to roll and they say no but then roll with me because he makes them, lol. And then one guy told me he didn't want to start standing because it was no-win for him; if he gets taken down, he got taken down by a girl, but if he takes me down, he was supposed to anyway. So I asked him why he would even roll with me then, with that attitude. I mean, if I tap him, he tapped to a girl, but if he taps me, he was supposed to anyway. He said I was okay to roll with because I had good technique, which I guess is a compliment, but I just think that's such a backwards way of looking at things. Why roll with anyone lower rank? Isn't that no-win, then? And then nobody higher rank should roll with you, because it'd be no-win for them. It's dumb.

Another issue I'm dealing with is when I roll with higher ranked people and not wanting to expend tons of energy when I'm in positions I don't know as well. One guy was telling me I need to be more aggressive today, and I am aggressive when I know what I'm doing, but I try to be patient when I'm not instead of flailing and wasting energy. So he said I need to rethink that approach. I'm not sure I agree. I actually like this person but could do without the lecture.

Trying to decide whether to compete in Chicago on August 18th. Most of next week I'm traveling or doing MovNat, but that gives me a good 7, 8 weeks to prep for it, and I'll be allowed in the 7:15 class while Gabriel's teaching...

Food is still too much coffee drinks, but my meals are good.
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