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The goal is to rebalance my shoulders, I'm pretty classically pec/delt over developed and underdeveloped on the low trap/serratus, so that's the focus for the next 8-12 weeks or so.

Per Steven Low's article (I've gotten a ton of great info from Steven):

"The lack of extension exercises in extension/hyperextension is the part where most people go wrong with routine construction. Extension in this plane requires two things that most people neglect to develop strong scapular retractors, posterior delts, and external rotators...
This is why I highly encourage everyone to start training manna if at all possible. It has done wonders for my shoulder health and strength as it effectively balances out a lot of the pushing work."

So the manna and front lever (another pulling movement) are intended to contribute to that and add some needed core work to tie my upper and lower body together.

Thanks for the comments.
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