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Monday June 18th


300 was a max, I stopped moving mid way up and preceeded to fold at the spine. I am really getting piss weak. 190 though, just 10 more pounds. I'm thinking after that I'll bulk to 190 at a rate of .5 pounds a week, then cut to 180. Repeat until I'm shredded at 180.

Couch 2 5k - Week 1 Workout 3
2.05 miles

Noice. Hot as fuck outside, this was uncomfortable to say the least. That was not a pace I'd be able to sustain for 5k though, but a good goal pace. Would mean a ~27 minute 5k. I'd love to squat 405 and run a 20 minute 5k at the same time.

20 inch standing verticle, you mirin natural athleticism? I tested because I'm looking at an EMT program at a local college. The 100% score is 22 inches, strong standards. I think the only way to fail that whole test is to be grossly obese.
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