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16 June 2012 Saturday

Another day of medley work in the garage. Just having fun with one of my friends that is in town visiting. Highlights included:

Working up to 70 X 5 X 3 DB Incline Bench
Up to Chin Up + 50 LB
36" Box Jump X 3
Power Snatch up to 95 X 1 X 10

Then off to BJJ All Levels. Had a great class worked some cool half guard stuff then finished with 2 six minute round matches. I worked on all kinds of stuff and was good and smoked when we left.

Saturday evening was a pirate themed scavenger hunt in our downtown area. Tracy and I dressed up and ended up winning best costume of the night. Now I am not a fool and I know that Tracy won it but it was for a couple so they included me...

19 June 2012 Monday PM

BJJ Drilling: Drilled with Rich for 30 minutes focusing on open guard. 3 on 1 off switch positions.

MMA: I think I mentioned it but I was asked to help with our MMA team by designing some workouts for the conditioning portion of the class. Here was last nights.

40 Seconds on 30 Seconds off X 2 rounds of AMRAP
2 X 10 LB Plate Pinch Full Raises
Ring Rows
Ground and Pound on the dummy
20" Box Jumps
Plank with feet on a swiss ball
25 LB Plate OH Lunges forward and backward

I think the average was right around 80 reps per round. It wasn't overly difficult but I think it hit the main parts we were looking for. Wednesday night is FGmostly B.
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