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Thanks Matt, and the last thing I want to hear is from a Dr. on this, JK all you doctors, but it is not serious enough for a Dr. visit yet and since I can do almost everything else I will find a work-around. Also, I was hoping someone in the forum would say, "the dynamic nature of the jerk, vice the press, is what is causing the pain and that it is an indication that you are finally performing the lift correctly and you shoulders are not yet conditioned to the unique nature of the jerk, keep at it and it will pass."(HAH!!! keep dreaming) Anyway, I am going to look for the shrugging you describe and see if that is the trouble causer. I posted a couple C&J on or about 6-16-2012 on a thread titled, "C&J Help Please." Appreciate you looking at those disasters but as you will see in both jerks my extension stops about three inches short and I press it out, I actually performed a third C&J that day at 175 but since it was more of the same I did not post it. In none of those lifts did I experience the pain, but the next two times out I did. But only with jerks and not during warm-up sets. Thanks again.
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