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Derek Simonds
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21 June 2012 Thursday AM

Foam Roll

FS up to 155 X 5, 175 X 3, 200 X 1
DB Incline up to 75 X 3 X 3
Chin Up 3, 10,6,6,6

Banded GM's 15 X 2 really stretched out. After the first set I realized I almost choked myself out with the band around my neck. The second set I held the bands away from the side of my neck better. Much Better
DB Flyes 30 LB's X 15 X 2
DB Concentration Curlz 30 LB's X 10 X 2

I didn't have a spot this morning. I think I could have gone for 5 on the first and maybe the second set but no spot no going for it. Still super pleased with how strong I am getting in my upper body.
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