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Friday June 22nd

Couch 2 5k - Week 2 Workout 2
2.17 miles

I ran the first mile in 8:22, but who knows if what I ran is actually a mile. Third interval was more of a sprint than a jog.

I realized my arms are the same size that they were 2 years ago. Letting myself get obese was a crappy decision to say the least, I've lost mass I didn't need to lose if I had gained more moderately, and I've lost 8+ months of hard work. I'm still alot stronger than 2 years ago though, my bench has gone from 165x1 to probably 235x1 now, so why my arms are the same size is a mystery to me. Maybe it's the lack of curls. Once I start bulking again I'm going to start incorporating alot more isolation exercises with bodybuilder rep ranges. High volume. Just keep following that dream of jacked swoleness.
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