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Default getting under the snatch

I'm having trouble getting under the bar in the snatch. Warming up its no problem but as soon as the weight gets a little heavy on me I crap out. The thing is I wind up power snatching it with little dip, so obviously the strength is there. Also, if I ride it down into the overhead squat, I'm solid in the bottom and recover well. Its in between where I'm having trouble. If I catch it in the power position I feel awkward and unbalanced but if I catch it high or ride it all the way down I'm solid. Also, I'm having a little anxiety (or a lot) about pulling under a bar with weight and catching it all the way in the hole.

I was thinking of doing lots of hang snatches, OHS and snatch balances with lighter weights to train the motor pattern of getting under the bar. I'm just afraid that as soon as I try to put a little weight on the bar that anxiety might kick in again, no matter how much technique work I do. Am I on the right path?
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