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Climb Dragon Peak 13K

I'm back! My recovery is complete. Getting back into my former shape is another story .

Saturday 6/16/12

HC: 15-5-5, FC: .1-.05

Today we backpacked in 3-4 miles with 2500 feet of elevation gain to an unnamed lake below the peak.

Sunday 6/17/12

HC: 15-5-5-5-5, FC: .1-.05-.05

Climbed the final 1500 feet to the peak then hiked out to the cars. We started at 5:30 and were on the peak by 10:30. Then we were back at camp by 12:30 and back at the cars by 4:30. It was a long and strenuous day so extra HC and FC was required.

This was a great class 3 peak. While some used a rope for the summit I didn't feel the need, especially after all the exposure on the ridge leading to the summit.

Here are pictures from my FB page. It's a public link.
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