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Went to an advanced BJJ class today with Gabriel Goulart. I really liked the techniques he showed, but he didn't really seem to go around and check what people were doing. Luckily I was working with a really good purple belt, which helped. We worked some half-spider sweeps from opponent standing and kneeling, and a triangle from there. Then we got in groups of 3 for some 7-minute rounds. Some girl cranked the bejeezus out of my arm. I could feel her getting frustrated in the 1st round when she couldn't finish a choke she was working for, for like 5 minutes. I fucking hate that we can't pick our own partners. This is the 3rd time in 7 months that I've gotten hurt when working with someone that somebody else put me with. I feel like I know better than an instructor who I should be working with, and it's my body, but since it's not socially acceptable to ask to be repartnered, maybe next time my Spidey sense goes off, I'll just suddenly need to go home.

I am really bummed about my arm and I hope it gets better soon because I need to work on 3 different MovNat things to get my cert, and like two of them are arm-related. This sucks.
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