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Matt Morris
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I would go with a gymnastics on your front/back levers and L-sit and handstand. I've found that stuff to be fun and have decent transfer. I think handstands especially transfer well to the jerk b/c each movement is an open end movement, and switching which end is open (ie your hands in a jerk, or your feet in the handstand) really kicks your CNS up a notch.

Also, have you seen the "Bill Star" method of rehab once you can start moving again. I like that quite a bit.

Next, I can't recommend voodoo bands (or the cheap tire tube version w/ a la crosse ball cut in half) enough!!! That has really helped my hip flexor out. Check out mobilitywod & voodoo band for more info!

Finally, the latest P-menu has a prescription for supplements to take when trying to maximize that kind of recovery. Check it out!

Best of luck!
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