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I had one last January, and like you I didn't get it checked out. I took it easy on my legs as much as possibly but I didn't want to get it checked out as we were doing all our pre-mobilization stuff to AFG and didn't want to get pulled from the deployment. So I grinned and bore it when I had to and in retrospect I wouldn't have said anything still I just would have made sure I was doing more for my leg when I had the time to. Rather than thinking just rest would be the answer.

Now things I would recommend would be check out following items, you definitely want to keep the blood flowing there and not sit around too much as that will slow healing as much as doing too much. Depending on where the strain occurred will depend on how much utilizing the voodoo bands will help. Mine was relatively high near the Tuberosity of the ischium or the "sit bones".

Mobility WOD has a few things in regards to hamstrings that I found helpful in rehabbing it.

As for what your options are now:
1. Gymanstic/bodyweight stuff - Great if that is what interests you but I know for me not so much
2. Upper Body BB'er - Nothing wrong with doing some upper body specialization when you can't utilize your lower body as much due to an injury. This could be broken up into all sorts of ways depending how often you want to train, by bodypart, or push/pull or by groupings.
3. Upper Body strength focus - Could focus on bench, weighted pullups, overhead press with a hypertrophy focus for the accessory lifts.
day 1 - weighted pullups and overhead press + accessory stuff
day 3 - bench and rows + accessory stuff

All kinds of variations that can be throw in there, it just depends on your goals, your time available, and what mood you are in currently.
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