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We're about to spend a couple days at the lake, so I'm just trying to finish as much work as possible before we head out. I'm hoping to work on my heel strike and then get a video of me running to send in... I'm pretty much obsessed with passing the 3 tests I didn't get in the MovNat cert and one of them was b/c I had a bit of a heel strike, but I wrote down the list of progressions they usually do and I think I can get it pretty quickly. It's just running backwards and "skipping" and one drill where you put your hands out in front to make sure you're not going from side to side... It can't be that hard. I think my problem is that I don't bend my knees enough. Anyway, should be a fun couple days, and we're bringing our bikes, too.

2nd test will be this medicine ball throw, which...we needed to get 6 of 8 throws and I only got 5. I really think it's because I test badly. LOL. The hard part is that I need an 8' wall and our ceilings even in the basement only go up 7'. So I need to figure out where to go, if I can find a brick wall somewhere or something.

I'm hoping to knock these two out within a week or so (assuming I can throw with my arm) so I can just focus on the climbing.
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