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Richard Bendekovic
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Shoulder pain aside (still there but not so bad) these are ugly. I can't seem to jerk at all. I am so frustrated I looked up my old lifts in my log. It was during a year of CrossFit on Feb. 2, 2012, I C&J 70kgx2, 75x2, 80x2, 90kgx1. I recall the 80 and 90 being a versions of a power jerk that turned to a press the last couple inches. A few weeks later in a CF competition I C&J 84kg and failed twice on 88kg.

Now this:

70kg failed jerk-a weight I pushed pressed for 3 sets of 5 on Monday

80kg fail not sure why i even tried

90Kg Clean only

Any and all technique advice appreciated plus some psychology because although I realize that 2 1/2 months of Olympic lift concentration and less CF (much less) doesn't guarantee PRs. And I realize those past lifts aren't real benchmarks because of the poor form, but it just doesn't add up that 70kg-80kg feels like going to crush me and collapse my shoulders.
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