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Richard Bendekovic
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Thanks a ton Steve, I must admit the cleans felt better, that is why I included the 90kg clean only. I actually went to 95kg on the clean and felt pretty good. The time spent on mobility and stretching is vital I understand, but it does eat up a bunch of time. Meanwhile, the exercises and drills to fix my jerk are starting to add up, so far segment pulls, halting DL, muscle and tall cleans, BTN presses & jerks, pause jerks, jerk dip squats. Any ideas on how they should be worked into a training routine along with one of your training cycles? Not looking for a short cut, I can make the time I just want to be as efficient as possible. Also, as you can see in the video and through my previous posts I am not all that young anymore, so just adding on and adding on takes it toll quickly if not done intelligently (and I am not intelligent). Thanks again Steve for the advice and encouragement.
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