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We're back from the lake! Nice couple of days, and I got some running video which I think is pretty spot on... but I'm going to make someone look at it before I e-mail it in. Next I need to get my throws, and we found a fence in the park near my house that is 8' tall which will give me a place to practice some throws, so that takes care of the 7' ceiling problem. And then I just have to work on the climbing...

My arm is still jacked; thought it was better until we tried playing Polish horseshoes and I extended it all the way out suddenly and yeah, it's bad. Now I know who I never want to roll or drill with again...

I'm skipping the seminar next weekend and all the advanced classes since I don't want to kick down an extra $100 when I can't even roll, so I'll just do the intermediate classes I guess.
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