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Default programming for general strength and conditioning...


29 years old
160-170 lbs
5' 9"
11-13% bf

training in various ways for approximately 6 years

strength PR's
355 lbs back squat
305 lbs front squat
265 lbs clean
200 lbs snatch
225 lbs bench
155lbs press
85 lbs weighted pullup

I have bounced between olympic and powerlifting (non-competitive) and kickboxing/ ross enamait style conditioning for several years. Typically sticking with a program for a month or two, getting burned out, and moving on to something else.

My goals are to be lean, strong, and healthy, and to not get bored. I have been trying to figure out a program that will accomplish that and this is what I have come up with...

5 days training per week
one main strength/power lift a day
one volume lift per day
conditioning (circuits, sprints, bag work, wahtever sounds good on that day) 10 -15 minutes

basic template may look something like this...

Day 1 -
Snatch - 5 to 7 sets of 2 or 3
Front Squat - 4 x 10
conditioning circuit (DB swings, pullups, burpees)

Day 2 -
Bench - 5 x 3
Bent Rows - 4 x 10
Sprint work

Day 3 -
Clean + push Press or Jerk - 7 x 2
Back Squats - 4 x 10
Heavy bag

Day 4 -
Press - 5 x 3
Weighted Chins - 3 x 10
Conditioning Circuit / Met Con (10 - 15 minutes)

Day 5 -
Deadlift Variation - 5 x 3
Single leg Squat Variation
Heavy Bag

Just looking for some input/suggestions/ anyone who may have done something similar for generalist strength and conditioning. in addition to this I will probably being playing some recreational sports (basketball or softball), walking, and working in my garden.

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