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I skipped the intermediate class today since I don't know what we're covering and just want to be careful with my arm/elbow... I figure I may as well rest it. Thing is though that aside from fundamentals, I think today is the only class I can do this week unless I pay for the seminar, with the holiday and all, or if I go to open mat. But I actually feel like I have more control over what happens to my arm at open mat because I get to pick who to work with and what I do.

I did some band and TRX work in my basement, but it feels like a play workout and I'm not convinced it's more effective than nothing.... but I don't want to play with the rings until my arm's a bit better.

10 band squats (hold at bottom)
10 lateral squats
30 mountain climbers (per side)
20 burpees
2 sets of 3-position squats
16 TRX rows
16 TRX pushups
16 TRX reverse push-ups
maybe like 10 stair dips

Kind of a crappy workout but I like the Jungle Gym because I can change the pressure/angle of each arm... besides, it was too hot to go running... But I did tell Todd we should do our workouts together on days that we're both doing basement workouts so we can push each other. I think all he did was hit the heavybag for 15 minutes after I decided it was too for us to jog and run stairs.

My food is back on track though. Well, i think... I always get all worried that I'm eating too much fruit and nuts and stuff, but it was...

2 eggs + 2 slices of bacon and a banana

2 hardboiled eggs, a handful of plantain chips, about a dozen cherries

this awesome scramble Todd made with chicken apple sausage and sweet potatoes and zukes and kale from our garden. so good

oh and some of those delicious marcona almonds with rosemary that they sell at Trader Joe's

It's Paleo but I feel like it's not enough protein and too high in carbs. Well, maybe I'm just a perfectionist. Actually, I am really trying to work on just one thing at a time so for this week I'm focusing on getting my fish oil every single day; it's something easy I have been blowing off forever and I used to take it religiously, so I need to make that a habit again... especially since I'm trying to get my arm to work as soon as possible.
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